How to get a portrait:

1. send me your photo (few) DM or picfromn@gmail.com

2. tell me what colors you wish and details (eg. I want to be a forest fairy with flower crown on my head of my favorite colors are purple and green).or you can just trust me and only specify your favorite color! :)

3. Pay with PayPal 

4. wait 3-10 days

What you get:

Custom high resolution digital portrait. usually 4000 x 4000 pixels 250dpi or more
This is only to purchase the digital file (portrait) no print(s) included) a mastercopy will be emailed upon completion. 

Most portraits can take on average 3-10 business days to complete. 

 I also give a link on https://society6.com/ or http://www.redbubble.com/and then you can do your portrait print on just about anything!

Price start 30€

As well, of course you can get a PORTRAIT ON CANVAS

It can be a portrait of any size and proportions (up to 1 meter × 1 meter)The portrait is printed on canvas with a coating of textured artistic gel (I put it on top of every smear) - it looks just as good as real oil painting. Just does not have a smell! And it costs (even including delivery) cheaper than real oil painting. And of course it's much faster (because the oil painting usually dries about 2 weeks)

Price start 150€